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Our students, also known as “Champions,” learn the In Full Motion Way, which is to provide selected middle school and high school students with proven academic strategies and concepts to ensure college readiness.  The In Full Motion Way focuses on the ACT test as the primary measure of college readiness. Our students are provided with a rigorous curriculum and preparation taught by the best certified teachers and requires the highest family commitment to make the best score possible. Students are encouraged to take the grade appropriate official ACT examination with financial assistance provided for ACT test registration fees for active participants in good standing.  The vast majority of the students who successfully complete the In Full Motion ACT preparation program will experience an increase in their scores with continuous dedication, focus and commitment.

Our students may continue throughout high school with In Full Motion by participating in all facets of our programs and successful completing each year the ACT preparation classes. Students who exhibit the highest degree of achievement, commitment and participation, will be considered for our advanced placement program ELITE. An ELITE student is one who has completed a minimum of two semesters in good standing in all IFM programs, showing outstanding leadership, positive behavior toward their peers and IFM staff. The Elite student can also qualify for financial assistance as an Intern once enrolled in college

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